Celebrate and Share YOUR Changemaking footprint while at Georgian College!

What is Innovation Capital?

As you participate in various Changemaking events, workshops and initiatives, you earn Innovation Capital, or “IC”. Your IC gets displayed on your Changemaking Profile, which is displayed on our Changemaker Leaderboard.

Why It Is Amazing!

You can use your “IC” for a whole host of different things:

  • Identifying other like-minded Georgian Changemakers
  • Tracking your co-curricular activities and earning digital acknowledgement for your LinkedIn Profile
  • Using your IC for discounts on your own personalized Changemaker swag,
  • Using your IC to apply to attend Premium Event Opportunities like the Social Enterprise World Forum, the International AshokaU Exchange and other incredible networking events

How To Earn It:

Action Innovation Capital How
Create profile 10 IC Sign up at www.changemakergc.com
Complete Profile 5 IC Add Profile Avatar and Bio
A Member of GCSA 3 IC Join Georgian College Students Association (GCSA) as a peer leader
GCSA Executive 3 IC Join them as a Director or run for an Executive position
Participate in a CCSI Workshop 3 IC Attend one of our highly interactive workshops, requiring high participation.
Participate in a CCSI Session 2 IC Attend one our semi-interactive sessions, requiring moderate participation
Attend a CCSI Presentation 1 IC Attend one our presentations where you sit back and chill
Attend Changemaker In Residency 3 IC Attend and explore Changemaker Residency in Week 9
Attend a CCSI Headstart Session 1 IC Attend an Orientation, Open House or Headstart Session with the CCSI team.
Start a movement or initiative on campus 5 IC Start a Changemaking movement, initiative or project at your campus and get your “do” on
Join Charlie & Co. 4 IC Join your campus chapter of Charlie & Co. and find like-minded changemakers, amazing tools and mentorship to bring your ideas to the next level
Join #ChangeTheNow 10 IC Sign-up to participate in #ChangeTheNow (www.changethenow.com)
Listen to Senco Audio Doc/Watch Shift 3 IC Watch/Listen to these semi-interactive sessions, and learn about Social Enterprise
Share on Social Media 1 IC Use your social media influence to spread the word AND tag us or use the hashtag - #changemakergc

Level UP Patches

Earn Changemaker Level Patches by achieving these Innovation Capital Totals.

Groundbreaker Patch


15 IC
Trendsetter Patch


20 IC
Maverick Patch


30 IC
Shift Disturber Patch

Shift Disturber

35 IC
Changemaker Patch


42 IC

Exemplar Patches

Unlock these Patches through an act of Changemaking that will last beyond the day you Graduate.

Founder Patch


In combination with achieving high Innovation Capital above 42 IC, start a community Initiative that will potentially continue post-graduation.
Legacy Patch


Reserved for GCSA Leaders that In combination with achieving high Innovation Capital above 42 IC, start a Georgian initiative that stays long after they graduate.

For more information or question on Innovation Capital please connect with our CCSI Team.

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